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We strongly believe in happiness and self-efficacy in the workplace. Excellent management skills is not something we are born with. Being excellent and happy in what you do, takes time and practice.

We drive personal- and business transformation processes, manage personality- & leadership trainings and apply validated scientifically proven diagnostics to HR Processes.

Business Consulting

Employer Branding | Corporate Identity
Standing out today, personally or in a business sense, has never been more complicated. Constantly changing market requirements need agile approaches to be satisfied. Employer Branding has become ever more psychological.

Psychological expertise and empirical insights allow us to guide businesses and leadership positions forward.


@Dustin Jaros – Psychologist | HR Consultant

Psychologist specialised in HR transformation, innovation management and employer branding. Certified Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) with agile project management skills, a creative ootb mindset and a true love for good coffee. Photography is my main hobby {IG: @dustinjaros}.

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