Change is always, change is constant. Do you change much over time?


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Movement of time means change. Because things change over time, sometimes slightly, sometimes drastically, we are constantly urged to adapt. What that also means is, our comfort-zones warp. Something that you have felt comfortable with doing the one day might just be outdated the next. In situations like this, it is asked of you to get to know new things, other things, different things. In any way, things/ways/processes/thoughts that you have not enterntained in such complexion beforehand. That is how your comfort zone needs to swivel around, because changes in environment require you to be adapted properly. Have we not heard a thing or two about proper adaptation before? I cannot by the sake of it remember…

It is a principle of nature. It might even be principles of nature, however you want to define it.

Change around us is manifested in the physical, biological, psychological and in the social. Pretty much any area of our lives is ruled by it, because every area of our lives is ruled by time. Time is nothing else than change, only that we put numbers in it, to understand it a little easier. As long as there is this phenomenon, what we call time, we have only one constant in our lives and that is change itself.

What does all that mean for your personal life? You are not a philosopher and you never wanted to be one. You go to work every day and you like it. You have a family and you love them. What that means for your (and any other) personal life is this. You, as an organism, tend to try and keep the environment in which you live as constant as possible. For the positive things you enjoy, at least. Even for negative things I have more than enough psychological phenomena, why people tend to keep the worse, only because they know it. But back to the positive things in your life that you enjoy and want to keep. Inherently, you NEED things to be as close to those things you want/know as possible. That gives you control over your environment, it makes your environment predictable, you know what is up: „been there, done that!“

For all the other things, mostly many many many small incremental changes, you have a natural mechanism called adaptation. You do not hear it, nor do you see it most of the time. Sometimes you perceive it most clearly when other people tell you how you cannot put your phone away or if you have always been able to touch your toes while posturing straightly?! Anyway, incremental adaptation happens in such small steps, it is in most cases almost imperceivable. Which does not mean that you do not do it. Even right now you are changing, because there is change all around. You are part of the change.

I might have totally missed my point in this text. The one and only thing I wanted to say is this: Be aware of change and utilize it. The change around you and the way you change in regard to it. Make it a symbiosis…BE WATER MY FRIEND.

Best wishes, Dustin

Dustin Jaros
Dustin Jaros

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