Strong work ethics and dirty hands.


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Sometimes reality is unfathomable, because it gives you incredibly pragmatic answers and rules. One of these rules seems to be, whatever you put in, you will get out of. If you put something in that is of lesser quality, you are doomed to get something out that can never be of highest value. If you half ass your journey through life, you will get a half ass life.

Cicero, prime example of a romantic stoic, talked about natural laws (De Re Publica):

“There is indeed a law, right reason, which is in accordance with nature ; existing in all, unchangeable, eternal. Commanding us to do what is right, forbidding us to do what is wrong. It has dominion over good men, but possesses no influence over bad ones. No other law can be substituted for it, no part of it can be taken away, nor can it be abrogated altogether. Neither the people or the senate can absolve from it. It is not I one thing at Rome, and another thing at Athens : one thing to-day, and another thing to-morrow ; but it is eternal and immutable for all nations and for all time.”

Let me know what you think about the input <—-> output rule I find so convincing.

Dustin Jaros
Dustin Jaros

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