Having weakness is being strong. Why?


vulnerabilities into strength


Knowing about and accepting a lack of strength in your being is as great of a strength as being strong. Realizing ones own shortcomings leads to acceptance and growth.

Imagine two people, equal from the outside, very different on the inside. The first is under the impression to be completely flawlwess. No weakness, no drawbacks, no feebleness, no debility…

The second is quite sure he/she has a buttload of things that could be improved (from their perspective).

Who do you think will do better in life? Who will utlilize situations of possible growth? Who will learn new things?

Your shortcomings will make you think out of the box to come up with alternative solutions. That, my friend, is the true reason we progress. Because people with weak-spots, like you and me, needed/WANTED to get things done…and did so!

Best wishes to you,


Dustin Jaros
Dustin Jaros

Mein Name ist Dustin Jaros, ich bin Psychologe und arbeite in der psychosozialen Betreuung. Menschen profitieren von meiner Beratung über das Internet (Skype, E-Mail, Spreed) und via Telefon. Damit sind sie oft örtlich unabhängig und können auch ohne viel Aufwand meine Beratung wahrnehmen. Meine Gesprächspartner genießen meine offene, ehrliche und authentische Art. Für Kopfvoll mache ich Fotos, schreibe Texte und kümmere mich um die sozialen Medien (Instagram: @kopfvoll / Facebook: k0pfv0ll).